Business Incubation Center Baia Mare BIC Romania

The Business Incubation Center Baia Mare or BIC Baia Mare is a small business incubator in Romania. BIC Baia Mare offers shared meeting rooms, secretarial services, business planning and management consulting, as well as networking opportunities to help small businesses and entrepreneurs get started.


Business Incubation Center Baia Mare - BIC
Strada Melodiei No. 2
Baia Mare 430353
47° 39' 34.4952" N, 23° 34' 52.7268" E

Inkubator Sezana Slovenija Slovenia Small Business Development

The Inkubator Sezana is a small business incubator in Slovenia. Flexible space is available for 15 to 300 square meters (approximately 150 to 3000 square feet) per unit. Shared services include business planning, management, investment, commercial and financial counseling; marketing, promotion, and business networking.


Sezana Slovenija Eastern Europe Small Business Incubator
Kraska ulika 2
Sezana 6210
45° 42' 23.5944" N, 13° 51' 28.0584" E

Tech2b Hightech Business Incubator Linz Austria Johannes Kepler University

The Tech2b Hightech Business Incubator is a collaborative arrangement among Upper Austrian research and educational institutions including the Johannes Kepler University of Linz Austria. The business incubator is especially suited to support emerging and start-up businesses in Information Technology.


Tech2b Inkubator GmbH
Hafenstrasse 47-51
Linz A-4020
48° 19' 10.56" N, 14° 18' 28.5336" E

International Incubator Hagenberg Upper Austria Hightech IT Tech2b

The International Incubator Hagenberg, located in Linz Austria, is part of tech2b and Upper Austria governments to support information technology (IT) development in the Hagenberg Softwarepark. The Tech2b Inkubator system leverages the institutional and educational resources including a Masters Program for Informatics at the International School for Informatics at Hagenberg.


Softwarepark 21 Hagenberg
Linz A-4232
48° 22' 10.0884" N, 14° 30' 55.53" E

Kharkov Technologies - Incubator - Small Business Development - Ukraine

The Kharkov Technology Incubator - Kharkov Technologies - is located in Kharkov in eastern Ukraine. The Kharkov small business incubator assists Ukrainian entrepreneurs launch new business enterprises and develop markets in Europe and the USA.


Kharkov Technology Business Incubator
60 Lenina Avenue
Kharkov 61001
50° 1' 58.008" N, 36° 13' 19.452" E

BIOS Business Incubator - Osijek Croatia

BIOS Business Incubator is located in Osijek Croatia, the fourth largest city in the country. The operation supports a number of diverse start-up enterprises including metal fabrication, food and beverage, e-commerce, information technology, printing, and boat building.


Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 341
Osijek 31000
45° 33' 51.066" N, 18° 37' 59.5308" E

Aylesbury Vale Enterprise Hub United Kingdom

The Aylesbury Vale Enterprise Hub in Buckingham United Kingdom is supported by the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA). Aylesbury Vale Enterprise Hub is aligned with the University of Buckingham which is the only privately funded university in the United Kingdom.


University of Buckingham
Buckingham, BKM MK18 1EG
United Kingdom
51° 59' 45.384" N, 0° 59' 30.48" W

Milton Keynes Enterprise Hub United Kingdom

The Milton Keynes Enterprise Hub is one of several Enterprise Hubs in South East England. The business incubator is housed at the Open University, the United Kingdom's only university dedicated to distance education.


Walton Hall The Michael Young Building
Milton Keynes, MIK MK7 6AA
United Kingdom
52° 1' 28.92" N, 0° 42' 38.88" E

Chilworth Business Incubator - Southampton Enterprise Hub - United Kingdom

Located in the University of Southampton Science Park, the 50,000 square foot Chilworth Business Incubator is part of the Southampton Enterprise Hub. The Enterprise Hub serves the region of Southampton in South East England including Eastleigh, New Forest, Southampton, Test Valley and Winchester. Chilworth Business Incubator core areas include computer technology, electronics, phototonics, telecommunications, digital media, and marine technologies.


University of Southampton Science Park Chilworth Business Incubator
Southampton, HAM SO16 7NP
United Kingdom
50° 57' 39.6" N, 1° 25' 21.36" W

Parco Technologico Padano - Agrobiotechnology - Milan Italy

Parco Technologico Padano is located near Milan Italy and serves to help companies in agrobiotechnology, genomics, bioinformatics and biodiversity. It is a supported by the University of Milan and is a partner with Montpellier Mediterranee Technopole in France.


Via Albert Einstein Localita Cascina Codazza
Lodi 26900
45° 18' 12.456" N, 9° 28' 45.4548" E
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