Makery | Finland

Makery is based in Finland.  The organization serves companies in the food sector, especially those seeking opportunities in international markets.


Pasilankatu 2
Helsinki FI-00240
60° 11' 44.1096" N, 24° 55' 43.0788" E

BioCity Nottingham Ltd | Biotech Incubator | United Kingdom

BioCity Nottingham Ltd is located in Nottingham, England.  The purpose of the life sciences incubator is to encourage the successful implementation of early stage companies in the healthcare sector.  BioCity assists companies by networking resources such as Biotel labs, BioBator in Leicester and Innovation Centre in Loughborough.


BioCity Nottingham
Pennyfoot Street Pennyfoot Street and Plough Lane
Nottingham NG1 1GF
United Kingdom
52° 57' 3.3372" N, 1° 8' 15.054" W

Helsinki Business Incubator | Enterprise Helsinki | Finland

The Helsinki Business Incubator, located in Helsinki Finland is supported by Enterprise Helsinki. The business incubator serves as an international soft landing for new enterprises and life sciences companies seeking to secure a foothold in Europe. The Helsinki Business Incubator also collaborates with the Akron Global Business Accelerator in Akron, Ohio.


Ilmalankuja 2M 1st Floor
Helsinki 00240
60° 12' 24.264" N, 24° 55' 8.0976" E

Timisoara Software Business Incubator | Information Technology | Romania

The Timisoara Software Business Incubator is located in Timisoara Romania. The facility offers office space and dedicated services customized to serve specific needs of start-up companies. Small information and communication technology (ICT) business entrepreneurs are helped with business planning and product positioning.


Timisoara Software Business Incubator
9th, Republicii Boulevard 3rd Floor, Room308
Timisoara 300159
40° 25' 47.2944" N, 21° 12' 59.9616" E

Poslovni Incubator Serbia

The Poslovni inkubator in Zrenjanin Serbia (Servia) is a small business incubator serving startup companies in information and communication technologies (ICT).


Poslovni Inkubator
Kralja Aleksandra Karadjordjevica 2
Zrenjanin 23000
45° 22' 47.8992" N, 20° 23' 49.884" E

Dnamo Business Incubator RDM Campus Rotterdam Netherlands

Dnamo Business Incubator is located at the RDM Campus in Rotterdam The Netherlands (South Holland). The small business incubator assists new companies from pre-incubation, concept development and business planning, through funding and sustainable product commercialization. Services are designed to support the development of sustainable innovations, sustainable technology product development that will have a global impact.


Dnamo Business Incubator RDM Campus
Dokkantoor Heijplaatstraat 21 (2e verdieping)
Rotterdam 3089 JB
51° 53' 47.9796" N, 4° 25' 15.4992" E

Business Incubator Science Park Jönköping Sweden

The Business Incubator of Science Park Jönköping is a collaborative effort with Jönköping University. The incubator assists entrepreneurs develop their business ideas through labs and workshops. Services include assistance in sales, recruitment, finance, and matchmaking from initial concept to commercial launch.


Jönköping Science Park - Jönköping University
Gjuterigatan 9 Jönköping Science Park
Jönköping SE - 553 18
57° 46' 47.5644" N, 14° 9' 32.742" E

SODBI Business Incubator Shymkent Kazakhstan

SODBI Business Incubator is a general small business assistance facility in Shymkent Kazakhstan. The operation offers 3000 square feet of shared office space and 1500 square feet of warehouse or production space.


#73 Zhandossov Street
Shymkent 160006
42° 19' 47.4924" N, 69° 37' 59.6064" E

Viasphere Technopark ICT Business Incubator Yerevan Armenia

The Viasphere Technopark in Yerevan Armenia is owned and managed by Viasphere International based in Sunnyvale CA. The Viasphere Technopark offers space and technical managerial services to enable emerging information and communication technology companies to launch quickly. The Technopark is part of the multinational Viasphere network with partners in the USA, Europe and East Asia.


Viaspher Technopark ICT Arshakuniats Yerevan Armenia
41 Arshakunyats Avenue Arshakuniats Ave
Yerevan 35026
40° 9' 21.4956" N, 44° 30' 7.6104" E

YES Foundation Incubator Small Business Development Macedonia

The YES Incubator is part of the YES Foundation in Skopje Republic of Macedonia. YES stands for Youth Entreprenurial Service. The YES Foundation Incubator provides free office space for entrepreneurs and small business enterprises with qualified business plans. The YES Foundation offers a program that provides wage subsidies to help supplement wages paid by tenant companies when hiring additional staff and creating new jobs.


YES Incubator - Bulevar Aleksandar Makedonski
Arhimedova bb (Zone 60) 16-ta Makedonska Brigada
Skopje 1000
42° 0' 10.9476" N, 21° 27' 29.5848" E
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