Casper Area Business Innovation Center - Casper Wyoming

The Casper Area Business Innovation Center in Casper Wyoming is moving forward. The dedicated facility is the former Amoco administration building with 38,000 square feet of space, cafeteria, and offices.


Casper Innovation Center
2435 King Boulevard
Casper, WY 82604
United States
42° 50' 32.2188" N, 106° 21' 13.7016" W

Poslovni Incubator Serbia

The Poslovni inkubator in Zrenjanin Serbia (Servia) is a small business incubator serving startup companies in information and communication technologies (ICT).


Poslovni Inkubator
Kralja Aleksandra Karadjordjevica 2
Zrenjanin 23000
45° 22' 47.8992" N, 20° 23' 49.884" E

Business Incubator Science Park Jönköping Sweden

The Business Incubator of Science Park Jönköping is a collaborative effort with Jönköping University. The incubator assists entrepreneurs develop their business ideas through labs and workshops. Services include assistance in sales, recruitment, finance, and matchmaking from initial concept to commercial launch.


Jönköping Science Park - Jönköping University
Gjuterigatan 9 Jönköping Science Park
Jönköping SE - 553 18
57° 46' 47.5644" N, 14° 9' 32.742" E

SODBI Business Incubator Shymkent Kazakhstan

SODBI Business Incubator is a general small business assistance facility in Shymkent Kazakhstan. The operation offers 3000 square feet of shared office space and 1500 square feet of warehouse or production space.


#73 Zhandossov Street
Shymkent 160006
42° 19' 47.4924" N, 69° 37' 59.6064" E

TBIF Technology Business Incubator Facility Kigali Rwanda

TBIF - the Technology Business Incubator Facility in Kigali Rwanda assists small business enterprises in Rwanda to become operational. The incubator is established through the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). The incubator is currently serving several small businesses in agri-business - food processing, construction, and information and communication technology (ICT) sectors.


Kigali Institute of Science and Technology KIST
Technology Business Incubator Facility B.P 3900
1° 57' 32.4468" S, 30° 3' 44.6472" E

VIT Technology Business Incubator University of Vellore - Tamil Nadu India

VIT Technology Business Incubator is located at the University of Vellore Institute of Technology in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. The incubator is supported by the Government of India - Department of Science and Technology. Entrepreneurs and start-up companies are provided academic and business expertise in an environment providing offices, computers, laboratory, and modern manufacturing equipment.


University of Vellore Institute of Technology
VIT University Vellore
Tamil Nadu
12° 58' 14.6064" N, 79° 9' 34.1532" E

YES Foundation Incubator Small Business Development Macedonia

The YES Incubator is part of the YES Foundation in Skopje Republic of Macedonia. YES stands for Youth Entreprenurial Service. The YES Foundation Incubator provides free office space for entrepreneurs and small business enterprises with qualified business plans. The YES Foundation offers a program that provides wage subsidies to help supplement wages paid by tenant companies when hiring additional staff and creating new jobs.


YES Incubator - Bulevar Aleksandar Makedonski
Arhimedova bb (Zone 60) 16-ta Makedonska Brigada
Skopje 1000
42° 0' 10.9476" N, 21° 27' 29.5848" E

Busy Internet Incubator New Small Business Development in Ghana West Africa

Busy Internet is a small business incubator in Ghana with three centers. It is West Africa's leading Information and Communication Technology Centers (ICT) and Internet Service Providers (ISP). Busy Internet helps entrepreneurs in Ghana become operational in a friendly and supportive environment. Services include help getting companies registered in Ghana. The operation provides low cost space, access to computer equipment, reliable electricity, and shared services that promote new business development. Services include cybercafe and general browsing connections on short term 24/7 basis.


BusyInternet Ring Road
42 Ring Road East PMB CT90
5° 34' 18.66" N, 0° 12' 32.328" W

Business Incubation Center Baia Mare BIC Romania

The Business Incubation Center Baia Mare or BIC Baia Mare is a small business incubator in Romania. BIC Baia Mare offers shared meeting rooms, secretarial services, business planning and management consulting, as well as networking opportunities to help small businesses and entrepreneurs get started.


Business Incubation Center Baia Mare - BIC
Strada Melodiei No. 2
Baia Mare 430353
47° 39' 34.4952" N, 23° 34' 52.7268" E

Bahrain Business Incubator Center

Bahrain Business Incubator Center is Bahrain's small business development center. Special services include mentoring, business planning, technology transfer and commercialization. Sectors include information and communication technology (ICT), agri-business such as fisheries, general manufacturing, energy and related technology. The Bahrain Business Incubator Center is supported by the Bahrain Development Bank.


Bahrain Business Incubator Center
Building 8 Road No. 17 Block No. 117, Hidd Industrial Area
Al Manamah 5831
26° 14' 33.1476" N, 50° 35' 18.888" E
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