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VIT Technology Business Incubator University of Vellore - Tamil Nadu India

VIT Technology Business Incubator is located at the University of Vellore Institute of Technology in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. The incubator is supported by the Government of India - Department of Science and Technology. Entrepreneurs and start-up companies are provided academic and business expertise in an environment providing offices, computers, laboratory, and modern manufacturing equipment.


University of Vellore Institute of Technology
VIT University Vellore
Tamil Nadu
12° 58' 14.6064" N, 79° 9' 34.1532" E

Busy Internet Incubator New Small Business Development in Ghana West Africa

Busy Internet is a small business incubator in Ghana with three centers. It is West Africa's leading Information and Communication Technology Centers (ICT) and Internet Service Providers (ISP). Busy Internet helps entrepreneurs in Ghana become operational in a friendly and supportive environment. Services include help getting companies registered in Ghana. The operation provides low cost space, access to computer equipment, reliable electricity, and shared services that promote new business development. Services include cybercafe and general browsing connections on short term 24/7 basis.


BusyInternet Ring Road
42 Ring Road East PMB CT90
5° 34' 18.66" N, 0° 12' 32.328" W

Bahrain Business Incubator Center

Bahrain Business Incubator Center is Bahrain's small business development center. Special services include mentoring, business planning, technology transfer and commercialization. Sectors include information and communication technology (ICT), agri-business such as fisheries, general manufacturing, energy and related technology. The Bahrain Business Incubator Center is supported by the Bahrain Development Bank.


Bahrain Business Incubator Center
Building 8 Road No. 17 Block No. 117, Hidd Industrial Area
Al Manamah 5831
26° 14' 33.1476" N, 50° 35' 18.888" E

BADIR ICT Technology Incubator Riyadh Saudi Arabia

The BADIR ICT Technology Incubator was created by the King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology (KACST), the National Research Institute in Saudi Arabia. The facility is designed to serve up to 30 emerging information and communication technology companies grow from concept stage through research and development and commercialization. BADIR is Arabic for "Initiate".


King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology BADIR ICT
2191 Abdula-Wahed Bin Ahmed Street Al Nakeel Unit 1
Riyadh 12385-735
Saudi Arabia
24° 42' 48.1428" N, 46° 45' 50.67" E

Ankara Cyberpark Technology Incubator - Bilkent University

The Cyberpark Technology Incubator at Bilkent University in Ankara is especially positioned to support new technical development in aerospace, space, software development and information and communication technology.


Ankara Cyberpark Technology Incubator
Cyberplaza Block Floor 2 Bilkent University
Ankara 06800
39° 52' 11.208" N, 32° 44' 42.2952" E

Access Nova IT Incubator University of Chile Universidad De Chile

AccessNova is an incubator supported by the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Chile in Santiago, Chile. The incubator serves to support new innovative companies, new technology enterprises and knowledge based business. The business accelerator specializes in information technology and communication (ICT).


Universidad De Chile - University of Chile
Beaucheff 850 School of Engineering and Science - University of Chile
33° 27' 26.8884" S, 70° 39' 48.1644" W

Inkubator Sezana Slovenija Slovenia Small Business Development

The Inkubator Sezana is a small business incubator in Slovenia. Flexible space is available for 15 to 300 square meters (approximately 150 to 3000 square feet) per unit. Shared services include business planning, management, investment, commercial and financial counseling; marketing, promotion, and business networking.


Sezana Slovenija Eastern Europe Small Business Incubator
Kraska ulika 2
Sezana 6210
45° 42' 23.5944" N, 13° 51' 28.0584" E

Tech2b Hightech Business Incubator Linz Austria Johannes Kepler University

The Tech2b Hightech Business Incubator is a collaborative arrangement among Upper Austrian research and educational institutions including the Johannes Kepler University of Linz Austria. The business incubator is especially suited to support emerging and start-up businesses in Information Technology.


Tech2b Inkubator GmbH
Hafenstrasse 47-51
Linz A-4020
48° 19' 10.56" N, 14° 18' 28.5336" E

International Incubator Hagenberg Upper Austria Hightech IT Tech2b

The International Incubator Hagenberg, located in Linz Austria, is part of tech2b and Upper Austria governments to support information technology (IT) development in the Hagenberg Softwarepark. The Tech2b Inkubator system leverages the institutional and educational resources including a Masters Program for Informatics at the International School for Informatics at Hagenberg.


Softwarepark 21 Hagenberg
Linz A-4232
48° 22' 10.0884" N, 14° 30' 55.53" E

Bandwidth Barn BandwidthBarn BWB - Cape Town South Africa

Bandwidth Barn is one of the first business incubators in Cape Town South Africa. The business accelerator assists emerging Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies fast track their growth in the early start-up phase.


Buitengracht Centre
125 Buitengracht Street 5th Floor
Cape Town, WC 8001
South Africa
33° 55' 23.9088" S, 18° 24' 51.2676" E
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