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Timisoara Software Business Incubator | Information Technology | Romania

The Timisoara Software Business Incubator is located in Timisoara Romania. The facility offers office space and dedicated services customized to serve specific needs of start-up companies. Small information and communication technology (ICT) business entrepreneurs are helped with business planning and product positioning.


Timisoara Software Business Incubator
9th, Republicii Boulevard 3rd Floor, Room308
Timisoara 300159
40° 25' 47.2944" N, 21° 12' 59.9616" E

UP-Ayala Technology Business Incubator Diliman Quezon City Philippines ICT

The UP-Ayala Technology Business Incubator is one of four small business start up incubators in the Ayala Technology Business Incubator Network - also known as AyalaTBI Network. UP-Ayala TBI is located in Diliman Quezon City Philippines at the University of the Philippines Science and Technology Park. Information technology, software development, geographic information systems, robotics and environmental water solution system technologies are among the represented sectors.


University of the Philippines Science and Technology Park
CP Garcia Corner Katipunan Avenue Diliman, Quezon City
Metro Manila 1101
14° 38' 50.8704" N, 121° 4' 18.5448" E

Accelerator Centre ICT Business Incubator Waterloo Ontario Canada

Accelerator Center is located in Waterloo Ontario Canada. The center helps entrepreneurs rapidly develop new technology based companies emerging from University supported R&D. cultivates technological. Services and resources are closely aligned with Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Healthcare, and Energy sectors.


Accelerator Centre Business Incubator
295 Hagey Boulevard 1st Floor, West Entrance
Waterloo, ON N2L 6R5
43° 28' 39.2484" N, 80° 32' 56.6556" W

SmartXchange ICT Young Business Incubator Durban KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

SmartXchange is located in Durban South Africa in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal. The SmartXchange is positioned to help South Africa's new and emerging information and communication technology (ICT) businesses.


SmartXchange ICT Technology Incubator
5 Walnut Road 5th Floor
Durban, KN 4001
South Africa
29° 51' 16.8156" S, 31° 1' 44.292" E

SODBI Business Incubator Shymkent Kazakhstan

SODBI Business Incubator is a general small business assistance facility in Shymkent Kazakhstan. The operation offers 3000 square feet of shared office space and 1500 square feet of warehouse or production space.


#73 Zhandossov Street
Shymkent 160006
42° 19' 47.4924" N, 69° 37' 59.6064" E

Softstart Business Technology Incubator Gauteng South Africa

Softstart Business Technology Incubator based in Gauteng South Africa helps small and emerging companies launch and grow their software information and communication technology (ICT) business. Entrepreneurs receive assistance from initial concept and development phases through full commercialization.


Softstart BTI Business Technology Incubator
220 2nd Street Randjiespark Midrand
Gauteng 1685
South Africa
25° 59' 20.3424" S, 28° 7' 27.3288" E

TBIF Technology Business Incubator Facility Kigali Rwanda

TBIF - the Technology Business Incubator Facility in Kigali Rwanda assists small business enterprises in Rwanda to become operational. The incubator is established through the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). The incubator is currently serving several small businesses in agri-business - food processing, construction, and information and communication technology (ICT) sectors.


Kigali Institute of Science and Technology KIST
Technology Business Incubator Facility B.P 3900
1° 57' 32.4468" S, 30° 3' 44.6472" E

Viasphere Technopark ICT Business Incubator Yerevan Armenia

The Viasphere Technopark in Yerevan Armenia is owned and managed by Viasphere International based in Sunnyvale CA. The Viasphere Technopark offers space and technical managerial services to enable emerging information and communication technology companies to launch quickly. The Technopark is part of the multinational Viasphere network with partners in the USA, Europe and East Asia.


Viaspher Technopark ICT Arshakuniats Yerevan Armenia
41 Arshakunyats Avenue Arshakuniats Ave
Yerevan 35026
40° 9' 21.4956" N, 44° 30' 7.6104" E

Viasphere International ICT Business Incubator Sunnyvale CA

Viasphere International is located in Sunnyvale California with international connections among leading scientific centers in Europe and East Asia. Viasphere also owns and manages the Viasphere Technopark located in Armenia. Viashphere provides guidance and research and development (R&D) resources to help game changing high technology companies successfully scale quickly in information and communication technology (ICT), energy, healthcare, and life science sectors.


Viasphere International
2570 West El Camino Real #100
Sunnyvale, CA 94040
United States
37° 22' 29.8416" N, 122° 3' 32.0832" W

XL Tech Group ICT Business Incubator Melbourne Florida

XL Tech Group in Melbourne Florida is part of the ViaSphere network of incubators supporting ICT. XL TechGroup offers services to energy, information communication, biotechnology and medical technology companies. Startup technology based market-changing companies with plans to serve significant unmet needs are paired with multinational technology partners to assess potential for success. The driver is the Immediate Compelling Quantitative Value Proposition or the iCQVP.


XL Tech Group Business Incubator
1901 South Harbor City Boulevard
Melbourne, FL 32901
United States
28° 4' 46.6752" N, 80° 36' 10.3536" W
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